Obama Cheating Scandal

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Politics and scandal go hand in hand. The Clinton’s marriage was the subject of speculation for years before the scandal involving Monica Lewinsky finally put any doubts about the matter to rest. Senator John Edwards seemed to be happily married despite the hard reality of his wife’s cancer. Yet, not only did another woman engage him in an affair he was the father of her child. There seems no way to know what is in the heart of what appears to be a happily married man. So, when the tabloids came out with the story that President Barack Obama was at one time caught having an affair with someone related to his campaign it came as no surprise.

The problem after the non-shock of this story is that no proof, and no blow up has been forthcoming. What one would expect after such a story is the formula that has played out countless times. Vera Baker in that version of events would come out and tell the world about the affair making herself in some way the victim. Then she would write a tell-all book recounting the entire incident. The President would adamantly deny the allegations until proof was published and then dramatically apologize to the nation.

None of this has happened. Only Vera Baker has issued a denial saying that nothing happened. She has gone on with her very successful life and career at http://www.livejasmin.cc. She has only hired lawyers to address concerns regarding the allegations. The President and his wife seem to be happily together when pictured in the press. The mainstream media has little comment on the story, and no proof has been supplied despite a promise of a 1 million dollar reward for hard evidence regarding the alleged affair or cover up.

Few people who don’t read the tabloid press are even aware of the rumors. Only a few people have supplied any information to the media including a limo driver who claimed to have given Vera Baker a ride to same hotel where the then senatorial hopeful was staying. As Baker was at the time working as a fundraiser for Obama’s campaign this in itself produces no real proof.

For the skeptical this would seem to be, a sign that perhaps either the facts were reported incorrectly by the tabloids, or in fairness that the tabloids had facts incorrectly presented to them.

Obama Affair

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Rumors have legs. Do anything out of the ordinary and there is little doubt that gossip will start immediately. And Vera Baker is definitely out of the ordinary. A smart, well-educated, young, attractive black woman Baker stands out. What history will have to decide is whether she stands out as fodder for gossip and speculation or was she involved with the President?

Rumor and buzz has turned to fact often in the last few years. Senator and presidential hopeful John Edwards, golfer Tiger Woods, and actor Mel Gibson surprised and confused the nation by turning out to be cheating on what appeared to be successful and happy marriages. So, despite the fact that in the public the Obama’s seem a happy, loving couple, who is to say what really occurs in their private lives.

Unlike many other women called out on an affair with a powerful or famous man Vera isn’t talking at least not to the tabloids. She did state when the rumor was brought out that nothing happened between herself and Obama. She has hired an attorney and is speaking to him reportedly to find out her options in protecting herself from further speculation. Other then to issue a denial neither is the Whitehouse saying much. It’s exactly the scenario the nation has seen with countless men guilty of cheating on http://www.jasminlive.mobi. Unfortunately, it’s also the behavior of someone who is innocent.

The scandal was either brought to life or ignited by The National Enquire, which ran an article about the alleged affair. According to a source who went to the magazine Vera was a campaign worker who became close to Barack Obama during his run for Illinois state senate, and that the pair were caught in a hotel room together. The tabloid also claims anti-Obama operatives are offering $1 million to anyone with details regarding the live sex chat incident.

The problem with this story is no one is coming forward with any evidence. Another issue is that Vera Baker was not a ‘campaign aid’, but in fact working for a company that raises funds. In the case of the Obama campaign, Baker raised millions of dollars in contributions.

One possible way to look at this rumor versus fact issue is that no major news outlet is touching the story. This could be significant in that if there was any evidence or testimony to be found it would be a major story for network that found it.

Michelle Obama Racist

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The fact that the President of the United States and his family are African-American, obviously sparks the flame of racism talk all the time. This is something everybody knows, most of all the President and his family. But the talk got more in tune sparked by a thesis written by Michelle Obama back when she attended Princeton University. Her thesis was in racial division. The text has been available on the internet unofficially, because the University of Princeton never released it officially.

The fact is that racism is an everyday thing in this country and all over the world. Not only fueled by the difference in race, but on our times, also fueled by money, social differences, immigration and simple mathematics. Overcrowding in schools have forced school districts to broaden their borders, job shortage leads candidates to experience in new areas and look for new means of income in jobs they wouldn’t even consider otherwise, foreclosures force families to move to less populated areas or less fancy neighborhoods. The change is inevitable and the friction between socio economic diversity is to.

So why call the First Lady a racist? Just because she writes about the differences and mishaps between her race and others, does not make somebody a racist. Only and observer and a voice for her cause. It’s understandable coming from somebody that lived in the flesh the first years of the fight for equal rights for all races. The fight of Dr. Martin Luther king and the horrible injustice that prevailed at that time. Being one of the few African-American in school and University, and one of the very few that graduated from Princeton and Harvard she was even under more scrutiny by her pierce. Getting high paying jobs and important positions in companies made her even more susceptible to attack and gossip. Michelle Obama hasn’t even come out and defended herself and her work, she doesn’t have to. Even if there was some thrush to the fact that her work is racial there still is the first amendment on the constitution that gives her freedom of speech. So the racism is put to rest and hopefully the talk of racism at the White House.

California Democratic Party

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The California Democratic Party, or CADEM, has reawaken with the election of Jerry Brown for Governor starting in 2011. The win in Sacramento is a real victory not only for the California Democratic Party but to the Democratic Party all over the country. California is the third largest state in the nation and one of the major economic forces. And it represents a big support for the President and his party.

The California Democratic Party has very big challenges in the future. Having the lead in the states government implies a huge responsibility to resolve a lot of the problems that worry the Californians every day. Including a huge debt, lack of jobs and development, security and immigration issues and immediate needs of the most populous state in the nation. John Burton, chairman of the California Democratic Party, is considered among the most brilliant politicians, not only in California, but the Nation. He has served in several areas of Californian government as well as in the United States Congress. This year he was able to lead the California Democratic Party to retake the position of Governor of California with Jerry Brown at the helm.

The renovation of the California Democratic Party has been a slow but fruitful journey and history will be the judge as to wether the party is ready to lead again and give the people of California that needed relief from the dramatic situation the State is going thru. Californians can only hope for a better future, that together with the rest of the Nation, depends not only of the successful actions to be taken by the new Californian Government but to the success of the actions taken by the Democratic controlled Federal Government. Hope and time, the two mayor conditions that Californians will have to endure to see if the decision was the correct one. But that is the Democratic way!!

Obama Smoking

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President Obama isn’t the first American president to smoke. John Adams smoked and even chewed tobacco. James Madison, John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, and John Taylor smoked cigars. Martin Van Buren preferred a pipe. Ulysses S. Grant was up to 20 cigars a day by the time he took office. Even in recent times Kennedy, Nixon, and Clinton smoked a cigars. Lyndon Johnson was frequently photographed smoking cigarettes. The difference for the current president however, is the growing concern among Americans about the toll of smoking on health.

Certainly, alarm is warranted. Smoking is one of the leading causes of cancer, most commonly lung cancer. It also is a cause in bladder, kidney, cervix, throat, mouth, pancreas, and stomach. Cancers involving the blood or leukemia is likewise thought to be the result of cigarette smoking.

Other conditions related to the habit include heart disease, an increased chance of developing autoimmune disorders, and diabetes. Smoking is a risk. Many people are fighting everyday to stop taking this risk with their own lives and health. Those around smokers are hoping they win this battle since more and more researchers are finding links to secondhand smoke and cancer risks.

That the President of the United States is one of the many who cannot seem to drop the habit has drawn the nation’s attention. Early last year after President Obama’s first complete medical checkup while in office the 48-year-old leader was given a clean bill of health except for his need to stop the habit he began over 30 years ago. Despite Obama’s regime of exercising at least six mornings a week, along with golf and basketball his cholesterol count has risen to a borderline high level since his last checkup. His pulse and blood pressure remain at normal levels, but the elevated cholesterol could be a result of the cigarette smoking.

No one knows how often the President lapses back into the habit, or how many packs he’s gone through in his life time. Last June Obama signed a law aimed at keeping children from smoking. In the comments he made during the signing, he brought up the statics, which show 90 percent of those who smoke started before their 18th birthday. He admitted to his having started as a teen.

President Obama has claimed to be 95 percent cured, but there are times he still answers the craving to light up. He’s used nicotine gum to cut down, and at a another June press conference state he is not a daily smoker.

Michelle Obama Childhood Obesity

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Michelle Obama as First Lady has implemented the Childhood Obesity Task Force. This is an unprecedented attempt to reverse the tendency of childhood obesity in the country. Traditionally the way children are fed in the United States is simply to comply with the basic necessities of children, to eat and a lot. The food intake of a child until close to his twentieth birthday is almost double of that of a healthy grown adult. most of that food consumed is frequently burned with exercise and over activity triggered by growth hormones. But the problem is that the last years have seen a dramatic decrease in exercise and well balanced foods.

Part of this Childhood Obesity Task Force is directed to the food and beverage industry pushing for healthier offerings for kids and to schools so they offer more sports, recess and nutritional quality foods in their cafeterias. With the increase of population over the past years the schools have opted to cut on topics they consider not a priority for the development of their students to comply with budgets. But the pressure by different organizations concerned for children’s health and the increase in childhood obesity has triggered a campaign in pro of childhood health. Michelle Obama has actively participated in several drives directed to achieve the goal of reversing childhood obesity as well as releasing the Federal Task force’s recommendations.

The main goal of the Childhood Obesity Task Force is to reverse childhood obesity, planning to do so in a generation. The goal is very aggressive and difficult to achieve. The fast food culture in this country is well stablished, the education for parents is minimal and the foods available to kids is still way off from what the plan intends. This is a major task that Michelle Obama has taken, as one of his main concerns, as First Lady and she is determined to see it thru. Michelle Obama has characterized herself a, in her professional career, as someone who gets things done so for the people involved in this crusade it is reassuring that she’s on board.

The plan includes involving Restaurants to offer better and healthier food choices for kids, Food and Beverages industry to support the Task Force, Media and Entertainment to limit licensing to health food and Beverage products, Local Governments to get involved by creating incentives to Supermarkets and Grocery stores who support it and the Federal Government to provide economic incentives for companies that promote healthier foods.