Democratic Party Beliefs

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Politics is all about choices, about the beliefs. Parties are separated by beliefs. That difference in opinions and creed is what makes the political arena a diverse space where to defend, confront and mediate on issue that affect the lives and direction of a Country. The Democratic Party has stance on many controversial issues that have created a rivalry with the Republican Party since it was conceived more than 200 years ago.

Democrats are pro-choice on abortion and issue that they have taken very seriously over the last few years and their effort to defend the rights of women to chose whether to terminate a pregnancy or take it to term. And also the option of stem cell research and embryonic stem cell research pursuing new options for medical research. On Civil Rights The Democratic party stands against racism and profiling requiring tolerance in Police enforcement and zero tolerance on racial profiling. The Democratic Party has supported the “no federal gay marriage ban” heading the fight to give rights to gay couples as well as heterosexual couples. On Economy the Democratic Party proposes several measures that the President and his advisors have tried to implement for a while against the opposition of the Republican Party. Cut the deficit in half over the next four years, eliminate publicly held debt by 2012 and restore the budget discipline are some of the measures begin proposed.

The list comprehends every aspect of public life like Energy in which they support and encourage investment and development in clean energy, or the support of free trade, Government Reform, Gun Control and a comprehensive Tax reform. Perhaps the biggest achievement of the Republican Party since winning the Presidency with Barack Obama is the Health Care Reform, which is still on the process of adapting to the actual structure to be implemented. There is a lot of several issues that are very important for the Democratic Party and that will be pursued as long as it is able to.