Democratic Party Platform

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The Democratic Party Platform was establish in 1860 when the Democracy of the Union in Convention assembled to establish the bases for the new Democratic Party. The Platform sets the basis for the fundamental principles and issues honored by their members. At the time when the Democratic Party was established those principles were basically the same the Party has to date only the form has changed according with the times and the demands of it’s followers.

The Platform since then has extended to cover all the mayor issues that concern our modern society. The Democratic Party Platform is based on the principles that the founding fathers of this country established and the defense of the Constitution of the united States. It abides by the decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States and submits to the duty to defend and protect its citizens. On those times part of the Platform included the resolve in favor of the acquisition of the Island of Cuba from Spain. Event, which we are very aware of how it turned out, and it is an issue that still conforms the Democratic Party, not as an acquisition but as an issue that affects Americans to this date. In those times when the Platform was first stablished there was a great deal of division between the Party on the standing of slavery. That according to the Constitution was a flagrant violation of the principles defended by it. Every four years the platform is reformed and adapted according to the moment at hand when the Democratic Party gathers to put forth a strategy for the Presidents election or re-election.

The basic principles of liberty, service, law and order, respect and defense of the Constitution are shared with the Republican Party. Although there are differences between them the search and compromise with the American people is the same. To find ways to govern in order to improve the lives of all Americans.