Michelle Obama Pregnant

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In the middle of all this chaos that leads the Obama Presidency comes news that changes the wave of accusations of mishandling and not achieving the campaign promises. News that swivels the attention of the press and the general public, at least for a few days, out of the limelight of politics.

“Michelle Obama is pregnant!!” The news spread like wild fire back in March of 2009. But the rumors resurface form time to time. Probably more wishful thinking than any other thing. Being a you couple still, the Obama’s are always pursued by rumors of pregnancy. The American press and the American people would love to have a baby in the White House. This hasn’t happened since 1893 when President Cleveland and his Wife Esther Cleveland had their second daughter while in the White House. Besides being or not true, It would surely be a good note for the Obama family and would bring them a lot of support and good will form their voters and supporters, and even the American people. A baby is always good vibe, it brings something fresh and new, something likable.

So the idea of Michelle Obama being pregnant is not that far fetched for the media and It will be a good image booster for Obama, but for the First Lady it can be something impossible to tackle. Two young daughters, the responsibility of being First Lady, her professional development and everything mixed up with the responsibilities that a new baby has, would probably prove to be to much for the young First Lady. Although nothing impossible by any means, and she obviously has a lot of help. So nobody discards the possibility. Her sisters would love the idea and more if they get a boy. The question is what name would they put on him if he is a boy? Would it be Barack Obama the third or will he choose an ex-presidents name. Probably this won’t happen but that does not take away the desire of the people to see a baby in the White House after more than a hundred years.

Obama Cartoons

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It is not a surprise to see President Obama’s administration made the subject of satire in political cartoons. Political cartoons have an amazing influence on the public’s mind. America has a long tradition of this mixture of humor, satire, and political expression. Ben Franklin’s drawing of a snake cut into sections with the caption “Join or Die” was a sardonic lampooning of colonists reluctance to come together to oppose the influence of the English and French.

What was for the colonist a source of inspiration was to British a form of rebellion. Today, the same inspiration and criticism still exists in regards to political cartoons, and during the administration of the first black president many are being called out as having crossed the line from satire to racism.